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Fire Engineering and Design

Sereca is dedicated to providing comprehensive, cost-effective life and safety engineering solutions for new and existing structures. We work closely with architects, developers, and authorities to help them plan and implement their designs while meeting the safety objectives that are required by codes and standards. We thrive on challenge, and are skilled at resolving complex fire-safety issues involving novel and innovative architectural designs. 

  • Product compliance and risk assessment
  • Alternative solutions, variances, equivalencies
  • Occupational health and safety compliance
  • Fire suppression and fire alarm concept designs
  • Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Load Evaluation
  • Hazardous Materials Analysis

Forensic Engineering

After a fire or explosion, Sereca’s forensic team is there. We offer 24/7 service, 365 days a year. We are the investigators of choice for complex forensic investigations and in-depth fire analyses. With solid methodology and grounding in the science of fire, we offer comprehensive forensic services for all types of fires. We manage large-loss investigations; collect, preserve and test evidence; liaise with authorities; develop computer simulations of fires to validate hypotheses; and coordinate with outside experts, laboratories or consultants, as required.

  • Origin and cause analysis
  • Fire spread determination
  • Evidence collection, preservation and analysis
  • Large loss investigation management
  • Third party reviews and compliance audits
  • Wildland fire investigation 

Building Code Consulting 

Sereca is known within the building design and construction industry for our comprehensive support and the quality of our service. We understand that project constraints and requirements require varying levels of involvement; therefore, we can provide support ranging from specific project input to a general consulting role. Our services include building code consulting for new construction and renovation projects, life safety audits for existing buildings, as well as fire protection services for all buildings.

  • Code Analysis and Project Review
  • Barrier-Free Accessibility Analysis
  • Alternative Solutions and Objective Based Design
  • Design of Active and Passive Fire Resistant Systems
  • Third Party and Peer Drawing Reviews 

Risk Assessment 

Every building project is faced with endless options and choices—some of which may involve varying degrees of probability of failure and/or risk to life, health, property, or the environment. Sereca, with our diversity of backgrounds in forensics and fire engineering, is the ideal choice to evaluate the fire and life-related risks of various options. We have the expertise and insight that comes from involvement with thousands of projects, large and small. Our staff were involved in the development of the FireSmart program which helps understand the potential of wildfire spreading to structures or structural fires igniting surrounding trees and vegetation, as well as model the effect of any wildland fire that could occur.

  • Assessment of probability of failure and/or risk to life, health, property, or the environment
  • Product and Material Evaluations
  • Planning and management of wildland/urban interface risks

Testing, Modelling and Analysis

Our computer fire models guide our clients in improving life safety through architectural and construction planning, material selection, and egress strategies. Our deep knowledge of codes and standards provides us with the insight to assist people when new designs and materials fall outside the limits of existing codes.

  • Product fire testing, simulation and evaluation
  • Fire-resistance, heat transfer analysis
  • Fire/smoke spread
  • Evacuation and people movement
  • High occupancy ASET/RSET studies
  • Deflagration and explosion simulations

Fire Protection and Fire Safety Plans 

We understand what you need to achieve in life safety and asset protection for your existing or new building project. At Sereca, our fire systems experts have a proven track record in reviewing, evaluating and testing in-place systems, as well as designing new and retrofit fire alarm and protection systems, including unique industrial process and hazardous material management situations. Our staff are experienced in producing Fire Safety Plans across Canada for a wide range of buildings.

  • Fire Alarm and Fire Protection Systems
  • Fire Safety Plans
  • Fire Safety Compliance Drawings
  • Industrial Safety Reviews and Protection
  • Cost-effective design solutions